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April 2018
English catalogue 2018-19
The 2018-19 edition of the general catalogue in English is now available in hard copy and is also downloadable from our [...]
February 2018
Ski tournament 2018
Annual ski tournament with 220 people. Great day of sport and fun all together under @LOVATOElecSpa sign!!! Thanks everybody! [...]
December 2017
New GA.. series switch disconnectors video
A new video entirely conceived in 3D to illustrate in a simple and effective way the main features of GA series [...]
December 2017
CB certification for the LOVATO Electric test laboratory
The Laboratory Test (LPR) of LOVATO Electric was recognized after the visit inspection carried out by IMQ, a leader in the [...]
November 2017
DME series energy meters tutorial videos
5 new tutorial videos about essential and useful features of the DME series energy meters are now online. 1. Configuration and [...]
September 2017
VLB3 series variable speed drives tutorial videos
VLB3 series variable speed drives enable complex automation operations in an unexpectedly simple way. Here are 4 tutorials to [...]
September 2017
LOVATObike 2017
Ride with a smile! On Saturday morning the annual LOVATO Bike was held, edition 2017: the LOVATO Electric bike ride dedicated to [...]
August 2017
XPress upgrade 3.0
The 3.0 version of Xpress, our Configuration and Remote Control Software, is now available for download. Features: New [...]
July 2017
Tooling and moulding departments new video
Complete in-house engineering, CNC and EDM machining, multi-cavity and rotational moulds and a completely automated plastic [...]
July 2017
VOLTIMUM.IT, here we are.
With great enthusiasm, we announce our entry into the Italian internet portal for electricity professionals: VOLTIMUM.IT From [...]
June 2017
RCM certification for VLB3 and VLBX
VLB3 variable speed drives and VLBX accessories are now officially RCM certified, adding a relevant quality label for Australia [...]
May 2017
New ADXL series soft starters video
The new ADXL series soft starters presentation video introduces in a simple and immediate way, through detailed 3D graphics, the [...]
April 2017
Here’s the new 2017 corporate video. From design to production, from marketing to customer service, all our skills to face [...]
April 2017
First LOVATO Day
Saturday, April 8th, the first LOVATO Day took place: a day dedicated to the future of the company and its employees. In the [...]
April 2017
New LOVATO canteen and relax facility opening cerimony
The new canteen and relax facility was presented Saturday, April 8 during the Lovato Day: 1000 m2, spreaded on two floors, [...]
March 2017
ADXL series soft starters tutorial videos
Two new tutorial videos about essential and useful features of the ADXL series soft starters are now online. 1. Auto setup - [...]
February 2017
Surge protection devices guide
Here’s the new, complete guide dedicated to surge protection devices. Inside you can check and learn the wiring rules, [...]
February 2017
Ski tournament 2017
Annual ski tournament with +212 persons yesterday. Great day of sport and fun all together under @LOVATOElecSpa sign!!! Thanks [...]
February 2017
ADXL UL certification from 30 to 320A
The full range of ADXL series soft starters from 30A to 320A is now UL certified! The new series of ADXL soft starters allow [...]
January 2017
New video "Motor protection circuit breakers SM series"
DIscover the new SM series motor protection circuit breakers available from 0.1 to 100A!
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