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March 2017
LPZM - metal control stations
New LPZM metal control stations are sturdy, robust and fit for the most demanding applications. The new control stations [...]
February 2017
DMED301 - energy meter
Measure the modular way! DMED301 is the new energy meter of the DMED series, suitable for 3ph systems, direct connected up to [...]
January 2017
PMVF60 interface protection system
PMVF60 is an interface protection system (IP) developed in accordance with the SHAMS DUBAI – DRRG Standards Version 2.0 [...]
December 2016
ATL 100 - automatic transfer switch controller
Modular. Compact. Reliable. LOVATO Electric extends its range of automatic switch controllers with the new ATL100. ATL100 is [...]
November 2016
Synergy Cloud – new software release
Synergy Cloud is the solution for checking and viewing energy data and status information collected by LOVATO Electric control [...]
November 2016
40 - 80A contactors in AC3
The new contactors suitable for rated current from 40 to 80A in AC3 and from 70 to 115A in AC1 of LOVATO Electric are now [...]
October 2016
Direct-on-line starters in enclosure with protection circuit breaker
The M2 P009 11... direct-on-line starters are composed of an IP65 plastic enclosure where the following devices are mounted: [...]
October 2016
BFK 40-50Kvar contactors for power factor correction
BFK… series are specific new contactors for controlling PFC capacitors. BFK… series contactors are available with [...]
September 2016
Synergy – new software release V.6
LOVATO Electric Synergy V.6 is here and available for purchase as a full version or as an upgrade from version 5. New features [...]
September 2016
48VDC switching power supplies
LOVATO Electric is pleased to announce that its range of switching power supplies has been extended with the new 48VDC output [...]
September 2016
Redundancy modules
The PSLR redundancy modules are able to ensure additional protection to a possible fall of the supply voltage at 12 or 24VDC. [...]
September 2016
EXCRDU1 remote display
LOVATO Electric extends the current offer fot the ADXL soft starters series and VLB3 variable speed drives series with the new [...]
July 2016
P1RA residual blocks
Here’s the new P1RA series of residual blocks, expanding the range of LOVATO Electric’s circuit protection modular [...]
July 2016
RGK 400SA and RGK 420SA engine and generator controllers
LOVATO Electric presents the new RGK 400SA and RGK 420SA, the latest additions in the engine and generator controllers family. [...]
July 2016
Soft starters ADXL series 30...115A
The new range of LOVATO Electric Soft Starters ADXL series from 30 to 115A is available. The new ADXL series of soft starters [...]
July 2016
GA switch disconnectors up to 160A
The range of LOVATO Electric switch disconnectors has been further extended with the addition of the new GA160A switch [...]
June 2016
RGK610 supporting EXP... communication modules
We are proud to announce the new RGK610 AMF controller, the latest addition to LOVATO Electric's family of generator [...]
June 2016
UL489 miniature circuit breakers (MCB)
LOVATO Electric is pleased to announce that its range of miniature and residual circuit breakers has been extended, adding [...]
May 2016
16A modular socket
LOVATO Electric is pleased to announce the extension of its range of miniature and residual circuit breakers, adding a 16A [...]
May 2016
New components and accessories for Platinum series
LOVATO Electric is pleased to inform that its range of platinum push buttons and selectors has been extended, adding the [...]
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